But our values haven’t. Since the summer of ‘86, Maul has provided paving, sealcoating and concrete services to businesses of all sizes.

Since we first broke ground, our staff has grown. Our tools, upgraded. Our system, perfected. But our Respect for clients has never changed, never faded, and it’s made us the unparalleled choice in an industry where this value is too often forgotten.


With more than 30 years of experience at our back, we’ll use a mixture of engineering expertise and customer understanding to strengthen the ground around your business. Every client benefits from our process – from local companies to major corporations. And every business gets stronger by the step.

Step 1:

COMPREHENSIVE SITE EVALUATION. We’ll use our engineering expertise to detect any defects and find opportunities to strengthen your lot.

Step 2:

THE PLAN. By crafting a detailed strategy, we’ll minimize interruption and maximize walk-up or drive-thru access. Your business’ success is always paramount – and with an efficient bidding process, we’ll always do what’s best for your bottom line.

Step 3:

EXECUTION. We’ll keep real-time contact with you throughout the project, so whatever you need is just a phone call away.



A strong first impression is a beautiful thing. And whether you’re making a fresh start or maintaining your current lot, MAUL has the tools & expertise to give your grounds the type of beauty that lasts.

  • Removal & Replacement: For potholes or surface cracking, we’ll remove the affected area, install a new gravel sub-base and apply a fresh surface to your specifications.
  • Resurfacing: We’ll install a new layer of asphalt across the entire lot.
  • New Asphalt Installation: We’ll start beneath the surface – building a gravel sub-base for strength and ideal drainage. Then, once we’ve achieved the correct surface density, we’ll apply binder and surface course material.
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Sealcoating & Crack-Sealing

Sealcoating & Crack-Sealing

When water makes its way beneath the surface of your lot, it weakens the sub-base – putting pressure on the surface and opening cracks & potholes. With the right Sealcoating & Crack-Sealing, we’ll let nothing slip through the cracks.

  • Standard Sealcoating Material: Fortified with surfactants, Coal Tar Asphalt Sealer is fuel-resistant and ultra-durable.
  • Green Sealcoating Product: This environmentally-friendly sealer will keep your lot attractive while preserving the natural beauty of our world.
  • Premium Material: A blend of polymer and special surfactants gives the Polymer Modified MasterSeal (or Liquid Road) superior adhesion, flexibility and durability.
  • Hot Asphalt Crack Sealing: This product stops moisture at the surface and extends the life of your asphalt.
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You never settle, and neither do we. Repeat clients like Chili’s, Boston Market and Marriott trust MAUL for concrete services. That’s because we install our concrete with a stronger, more stable base – to prevent settling and reinforce your ground.

  • Curbs & Gutters: Let’s keep your ground covered and beautiful, from edge to edge.
  • Sidewalks: All of our sidewalks comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Plus, we build each sidewalk with a strong base, so they last longer and stay crack-free.
  • Ramps: We’ll keep you in compliance with ADA standards and make sure all of your visitors have smooth access.
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Let’s put an end to parking lot puddles. We’ll optimize your systems to collect runoff and transport it to local waterways. This keeps your lot dry and welcoming – rain or shine.

  • Standard Catch Basins: We’ll engineer your system with hydraulic cement and smart design – putting a stop to any unwanted openings in the basin.
  • Concrete-encased Drainage Basins: Reinforced by a concrete square, this basin is more durable than asphalt alternatives.
  • Trench Drainage Basins: These shallow basins are ideal for dumpster areas, loading docks or entrance/exit points of a parking lot.
  • French Drains: These drains protect the sub-base layer of your parking lot, diverting moisture and preserving structural integrity.
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Cold Milling

Cold Milling

There’s potential beneath the surface. We’ll uncover it by removing the full (or partial) depth – adjusting the grade of your lot, improving your drainage and extending the life of your grounds.

  • IT’S FRIENDLY TO YOUR BUDGET… We’ll only remove the failed surface of your asphalt and salvage the layer beneath. This saves you time & money, while allowing traffic through your lot for much of the process.
  • …AND IT’S GOOD TO THE NATURAL WORLD. Cold Milling technology requires far less processing & handling of waste than conventional methods, so more of the material can be recycled.
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Every business needs direction. With our full suite of Striping, Signage & Parking Block capabilities, visitors to your lot will always find their way.

  • Striping: From individual lines to handicap symbols, crosswalks and more, we’ll paint your ground with the symbols visitors need to navigate your lot.
  • Signage: We’ll install the standards: “stop,” “yield” and “handicap.” But if your needs are more specific, we’ll install signs designed just for your lot.
  • Parking Blocks: With concrete & rubber blocks, we’ll help you protect the edges of your ground.
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Retail: Your customers need to access your business. And they need it to be easy & straightforward – at all times. That’s why we schedule our work around your busiest hours, maximizing access and minimizing interruption.

MEDICAL: Interrupting your services simply isn’t an option, so we plan & execute every job to maximize access and guarantee safety.

Commercial & Industrial: Downtime isn’t an option. So, we’ll create an aggressive timeline to cut it down.

Homeowner Association: By developing a comprehensive maintenance program for your entire community, we’ll help you save valuable resources.

Government: You’re on a tight budget. That’s why we’ll schedule long-term, routine maintenance – reducing the time & money it takes to plan these projects.


    MAUL’s commitment to communication and a stronger product has made us a stand-out company for customers of every size. And our industry has noticed.

    From publications like Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine to major suppliers, we’re a perennial contender for awards – recognizing our achievements in quality, our dedication to service and, above all, our philosophy of Respect.

  • 2007 – 2016

    Sealmaster Chicago Manufacturing & Distribution:

    Quality Contractor Award

    2013 – 2016
    Pavement Maintenance Magazine:

    Top 50 Pavement Repair U.S. Contractor
    Top 50 Paving U.S. Contractor
    Top 50 Sealcoating U.S. Contractor
    Top 50 Striping U.S. Contractor

    Naperville Chamber of Commerce:

    Small Business of the Year “Finalist”

  • Naperville Chamber of Commerce

    Naperville Exchange Club

    ACTHA (Association of Condominium Townhouse & Homeowners Associations)

    CAA (Chicagoland Apartment Association)

    CAI (Community Association Institute)

    Southland Chamber of Commerce

    CCMA (Private Club Managers Association)

  • Eric Maul

    As President and Founder, Eric broke ground on the very first MAUL project in the summer of 1986, setting the foundation of Respect that’s brought us from a two-man operation to an industry leader.

    A stronger company, a better customer experience, more empowered employees – Eric is proud of his work and what it does for his community. And he’s constantly working to improve the lives of those around him.

  • Chris Maul

    Before joining the Team in 2005, Chris spent eight years managing accounts at a manufacturing company, where he learned the details of sales, management and leadership. Most importantly, he learned just what it takes to build customer relationships.

    Now, as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Chris applies his “real-time” communication philosophy and strategic planning expertise to every job. It’s made us a business of return customers.

  • Paul Price

    Paul Price comes to Maul carrying 6 years of experience as a paving contractor. He focused on the healthcare market and on large scale paving projects, but Paul realizes life’s little things are just as important. He enjoys the time spent with his two daughters and wife, and the time spent jamming on one of his five drum sets.

  • Kelli Sterling

    Kelli Sterling prioritizes customer service above all else. She realizes that’s the groundwork for good business. Kelli’s decade of office management experience has proven invaluable to Maul, and her four children and seven grandkids keep her busy off the clock. She somehow still has time to bake, and ride motorcycles with her husband.

  • Joe Ruffolo

    Joe Ruffolo has been integral to Maul’s growth. Having been in the asphalt maintenance industry for 12 years, he is the ultimate team player, willing to go the extra mile for the customer and the company. Joe loves playing hockey, soccer, and spending quality time with his wife and son.

  • Matt Kearley

    Matt Kearley knows construction. With a degree in Construction Management that he’s built upon with 6 years at Smoke Stack Construction Firm and 4 years with national and regional parking lot maintenance firms, Matt helps Maul stand tall. An avid Chicago Cubs fan, Matt will forever cherish cheering them on to victory with his beloved family.

  • Oscar Salgado

    With 29 years of paving experience, 10 years of crew management, and 6 years of concrete experience, it’s obvious why Oscar Salgado serves as Superintendent of Paving & Concrete at Maul. He is a family man, and very involved with his church. Oscar is set on building his community, whether with pavement or with ministry.

  • Steve Montalto

    He has 11 years of experience sealing cracks, but Steve Montalto forms bonds in every aspect of his life: he spends his free time with his family, treasuring the company of the ones he loves. In addition to his sealcoating expertise, Steve brings another decade of management experience from the paving industry to Maul. With Steve on staff, our successful fate is sealed.

  • Tyler Weber

    Tyler Weber is no stranger to hard work. He comes to Maul with over 10 years of customer service and sales experience, and spent the last five years with one of the largest waste management companies in the country.

    He plays just as hard as he works. He loves going into the city with friends, hanging out with extended family, doing home projects, playing as much golf as possible, and riding motorcycles with his wonderful wife.